Bucket Elevators are reloading–transportation devices used for slant and vertical transport of bulk materials. They are used in all production branches from the mining industry to the food processing industry. 

They can be used either as individual devices or as parts of bigger or smaller transportation systems. For transportation of abrasive and coarse materials, we produce bucket elevators with chain pails while for barrels and less abrasive materials we make bucket elevators with pails adjacent to the belt. In addition to these two main types of construction, we also make chain bucket elevators with flexible sprocket wheels in order to provide better adherence to pails. These are used in the transportation of powder and adhesive materials.

Bucket elevators manufacturing program is based in standardized and carefully selected basic parts, such as traction elements, operative, and tensioning assembly. Nourishing this strategy, we are able to produce, within a relatively short deadline, any sub-type of elevator based on specific of each customized order.

Elements important for the selection of the suitable type of elevator are capacity, type of transported material as well as the length of the transportation route. Taking into consideration all the above mentioned elements, we are able to provide advice in the most suitable structure.

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