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    in metal production

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ISO 9001 - 14001, EN 1090-2 - EN ISO 3834-2 and CE marking

Promid d.o.o. is a market leader in production of transport equipment: bulk elevators, roller conveyors, worm conveyors, and belt conveyors.

In addition to production, we offer design, assembly, installation and maintenance service.

We are present in all industry branches, but mostly in food industry (Ledo d.d. Zagreb), tobacco industry (TDR d.o.o Kanfanar - Rovinj) packaging industry (Hartmann d.o.o. Koprivnica), wood industry (Spin Valis d.d. Požega) and wooden pellets industry (Pelet grupa d.o.o Novska). Our export share volume is over 50%, predominantly for Austrian market.

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Reloading-Transportation Devices

We produce machines, devices, and elements that are used for horizontal, vertical, and diagonal warehouse transport of various types of goods and materials (bulk, granular, or palletized).

Our best-selling products are belt conveyors, chain conveyors, chain conveyors with a rubber belt, worm conveyors, vibrating conveyors, roller conveyors, and bucket elevators.

Services and Spare Parts

Promid offers various services such as cutting, bending, rolling, metal processing, and belt vulcanization.

In addition, we provide spare parts for all types of reloading-transportation devices, warehouse transportation equipment for a wide range of materials and equipment used in tobacco processing.

We also offer several types of conveyor belts which can be vulcanized in customer’s warehouse or delivered vulcanized.

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We deliver solutions

Promid is a partner you can rely on - from designing and production to maintenance and support.


We design individual parts as well as tailor-made machinery.


We produce transportation devices, spare parts, and other metal products.


We offer delivery and installation of manufactured equipment.


We offer maintenance service on the spot and in our factory.

Tech support

Our Tech support is at your disposal on weekdays from 7:00 to 15:00 via phone and email.


Our team will gladly help you in case you need advice or support.

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