Chain conveyors are used in almost all segments of food processing, wood processing, and metal industry. Due to their applicability, they are used for transport of glass, canned, and polymer packaging such as:

  • Glass and polymer bottles as well as other similar materials packaging;
  • Cans of all types and sizes;
  • Cardboard and polymer packaging (boxes and crates).

We are also specialized in the bulk chain conveyor manufacturing for the wood and metal industry:

  • Transportation of logs and wood planks;
  • Transportation of bars, barrels, and other metal semi-products.

Chain conveyors are made for two basic purposes:

  • Straight and curved transportation;
  • Ascent transportation.

Chain conveyor consists of the following:

  • basic carrying capacity of chain conveyor;
  • stud conveyor chain;
  • power assembly system;
  • adjustable stool;
  • paling.

The basic carrying capacity of the construction is made of stainless steel, while other parts are made of quality polymer materials and galvanized construction steel. The power assembly system is mounted if necessary, with an option to have a changeable or constant speed. All standard types of steel and polymer chains can be used as chain conveyors.

Length of chain conveyor, the number of chain layers, width and height of paling, manner of shifting from one system to another is determined on the basis of transportation requirements for each separate case. Chain conveyors can be combined in transportation lines with all other types of chain, screw, and roller conveyors.


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